Aerial 360° VR Filming of the Notre-Dame du Haut Chapel in Ronchamp, France

We worked with the Korean film creatives at Optical Lab to capture the stunning Colline Notre Dame du Haut in 360° from the sky with our drones. We tested multiple 360° cameras and mounting options to ensure optimal image quality. We also made use of DJI’s automatic flight paths so that the pilot could safely hide from view when the shot was being recorded. The DJI Inspire drone was also used as a “tripod in the sky” and allowed for static 360° videos to be shot at multiple locations around the chapel. A big thanks to Jeewon and his team for their help and support during the shoot. They were able to stabilise the footage really well and create a sublime virtual reality experience, which went on to be used by Samsung at one of their Expos.

Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes shots:

You can view the final result by clicking on the video below:

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