Climbing Magnetic Mountains and Filming them with Drones in the Mont Blanc Massif

Described by Sir Chris Bonington as “fascinating and very moving”, Magnetic Mountains follows the story of an everyman (Steve Wakeford) who, after falling from an Alpine north face, is struggling to find a balance in his life. We were part of the team filming Steve and his fellow climbers as they tried to re-climb the treacherous route that almost took his life. We had to camp for several nights at the base of the climb, on the Leschaux Glacier of Mont Blanc. Our drone was able to capture the side-on shots of the climbers as they weaved their way up the cliff. We were also tasked with flying into the glaciers and along the mountain ridges for extra GV material. It was a hugely challenging shoot, not least because of the freezing weather and high altitude. However, it was equally rewarding and a honour to be part of such a strong creative group of mountaineers.

Here is the trailer for their incredible film:

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